Atelier SOLO

Plant-Based Ramen Workshop

21 DE ABRIL – 10:30 às 14:00


These classes are held in Portuguese, although as it is a practical class it is possible for the assistant to translate a little. If you need classes held in English, please ask for it. The Plant-Based Ramen Workshop is a hands-on class, so that participants can experience the whole process, learn the preparation, knife skills, cooking methods and plating. Always keeping in mind the seasonality and the products` origin, together we will make a comforting and tasty broth with a wide variety of ingredients.

This workshop is an excellent way to immerse yourself in incredible techniques for mastering the art of cooking. All products are plant-based, organic and high quality.

Located in an iconic neighbourhood in the heart of Lisbon, Atelier Solo presents itself as a creative space for training, sharing experiences and experimentation.

The atelier is designed to accommodate participants in a space for group cooking, and circulate around the kitchen island and large table to enjoy great meals.

What is included:

Enjoy a cooking lesson with a local chef
Learn how to make a well balanced Plant Based Ramen
Get hands-on fresh organic local ingredients and learn cooking tips
Enjoy the Ramen you have prepared in a convivial atmosphere
Bring back home the recipe you have learned and surprise your family and friends



Early Bird = 65€

Inscrições depois de 1 de Abril = 80€

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