Atelier SOLO

Plant-Based Course 2023/24

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18 theoretical-practical cooking modules

10:30am - 2pm



This course is for anyone with an interest in this area, or who wants to change habits and take control of their lifestyle or career. Our practical classes are an excellent way to immerse yourself in incredible techniques for mastering the art of cooking. Many of the techniques and cooking styles are based on the Macrobiotic philosophy, in a fusion of Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine. All the modules are theoretical and practical, so that participants can experience the process in its entirety, carrying out the preparation, knife skills, cooking methods and plating.


This course aims to prepare and give participants the tools to:

- Get awareness and practice in Plant-Based Cooking

- Know how to set up their own kitchen according to their needs

- Incorporate the rudiments of macrobiotic cooking in a real way

- Be able to execute balanced and appetizing meals

- Establish contact with food preparation, cooking methods and conservation

- Cook with focus on seasonality, quality and origin of products



In Level 1, we talk about the standard macrobiotic diet and its fundamentals. Cereals, protein sources, vegetables, seeds, oilseeds, seaweeds, fermented foods and natural sweeteners. We talk about lifestyle from the point of view of macrobiotics and how to set up your own kitchen, knowing how to nourish yourself with the incredible variety of foods that nature makes available to us. We discuss the foods that protect our digestive system and that accompany us in each season, their cooking methods such as sautés, stews, roasts, tempuras, short and long pickles and sprouts, etc. We look at foods that help us warm up or cool down, as well as detoxify the body and mind, boosting our energy and discernment.


Module 1 – RUDIMENTOS DA COZINHA MACROBIÓTICA – 21 de outubro 2023

Module 2 – COZINHA DE PRIMAVERA – 28 de outubro 2023

Module 3 – COZINHA DE VERÃO – 4 de novembro 2023

Module 4 – COZINHA DE VERÃO TARDIO- 11 de novembro 2023

Module 5 – COZINHA DE OUTONO – 18 de novembro 2023

Module 6 – COZINHA DE INVERNO – 25 de novembro 2023


In Level 2, we deepen our knowledge and explore new seasonal menus with a plant-based approach, over 6 modules with no specific theme for each one. We focus on the 5 flavors, different types of cuts, cooking techniques and methods, in a preventive and health maintenance cooking practice. Each participant has the opportunity to make their own menu and eat according to their constitution and condition, creating consistent habits in the kitchen that help them eat more consciously. We talk about meal planning, with the organization of a weekly menu, food waste, the variety of protein foods that can make up a dish in a healthy, nutritious way, with a delicious result. We cover artisanal cooking for preservation and use over time, including vegetable broth, pies, croquettes, burgers, sauces and good quality mayonnaise. We make our own plant-based pickles.


Module 1 To be Schedule

Module 2 To be Schedule

Module 3 To be Schedule

Module 4 To be Schedule

Module 5 To be Schedule

Module 6 To be Schedule


The Level 3 is the most demanding, yet still quite simple and practical. We explore more specific themes and new seasonal menus in a plant-based approach. We'll focus more on practical day-to-day issues, such as alternatives for snacks, light, quick-to-prepare meals for dinner after a busy day. Included are modules on artisanal production, festive menus, cheeses and pizza - great for entertaining friends and family!


Module 1 SNACKS


Module 3 QUICK MEALS  





Lunch included in all classes



Inscrições até 8 de outubro: 980 €

Inscrições a partir de 9 de outubro: 1070 €


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